Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

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Your Favorite Stock Market && Trading/Investing Methods?


Open to both Short term traders and Long term investors. What are your favorite signals to get in and out of trades, how successful have they been?

PS: It might be good to indicate what type or trades you do (aka, day trades, swing, long term) and be relatively clear about what you look for.

Thanks so much, looking forward to hearing about your successes!

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4 Responses to “Your Favorite Stock Market && Trading/Investing Methods?”
  1. David Rinehart says:

    As for short term trading I get on clearstation.com which is a great website as far as graphs they are very easy to read what you can look at is on the the first graph there. There is a 50 day EMA and a 13 day EMA which is the moving average for the stock. If the stock has been going up those lines are going to follow it they are green and purple when you see the green dip in a downward position this normally means the stock is going downward if the green however is going up and is below the purple this is when you get your most volitile reactions for a big winner! If it culps underneath and comes up through the purple normally that is you getting in that stock at its lowest low and then riding it until you see the graph start to die down. Also on the graph there is a MACD when the MACD is above the black or nuetral bar that means the stock is doing well however when its below or when it is going down underneath the nuetral bar that means that the stock is doing poorly and is going down you can trade it by looking and seeing if the MACD lines are below the nuetral line when they start to go upward this is when the stock starts to go up also the MACD histogram is a helper to the MACD showing you which way the MACD is going. Example if there are 2 little lines going upward on the MACD histogram that means the MACD is showing a little life if they grow each day then you are looking good it is risky because sometimes it’ll show a little life and then die. If you can find a stock that has a small histogram and a MACD and moving average going upward your looking good! if you want anything you can email me at any time alleganyfootball71@yahoo.com I will be more than glad to talk to you about the markets and to exchange stock picks that we like right now. Hope this helped!

  2. nowm says:

    Definitely PUPS, which is a penny stock, mind you. Those can be pretty risky. Every week or so it fluctuates pretty well, reaching a nice sell high, and going down deep for a cheap buy low. And you can always depend on it to go up…the trick is actually getting it to SELL since the asking price is N/A all the time lol. I suggest staying out of the PINK market, or at least do so if you’re only a beginner.

  3. Cosmo Cramer says:

    I like the option strategy Iron Condors on an index like (RUT)Russel 2000, (SPY)S&P 500, (NDX)NASDAQ – 100

    It consists of a bull put spread and a bear call spread. I like to enter the trade on options that are typically 20-40 days away from their expiration. Entering the trade when market volatility is medium or high will help get a better profit. I always enter the spreads outside of the resistance levels and support levels that, in my opinion, the price should redirect when touching within the time frame of the trade.

    I like trades that have a 90% probability or better of success. I generally profit on 19 out of 20 trades. Because the iron condor, when performed correctly, has low risk, it doesn’t return a huge profit, but rather consistent low % returns. You won’t hit home runs on lucky picks using this strategy, but someone should be able to earn 40-100% annually doing it correctly.

  4. Tom B says:

    Educate yourself in this field very well. Learn market psychology, learn how the market makers on the floor move prices to instill FEAR and GREED in investors. Learn charting technicals and remember that the indicators on the chart are “A look back in time”.
    Preservation of capitol is the most important thing so cut your losses short.
    Go with the flow and do not try enter a position before it is moving the direction you want to go.
    I use 10 20 and 50 MA’s and Stochtastic Full, look at both 5 minute charts and back up to 3-6 month charts to try and determine trending, support and resistance levels etc…
    I have done much better with swing trading than I have with day trading though both have been profitable since my starting earlier this year.

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