Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

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Understanding Stock Trading Technical Analysis Tutorial w/ the Zecco Zirens


Zecco, which provides Free Online Stock Trades through Zecco Trading, has created a series of video tutorials to help improve your understanding of stock trading. This video covers technical stock analysis, including technical indicators, investing education, using technical indicators like MACD, Mac-D, volume, and stochastic.


25 Responses to “Understanding Stock Trading Technical Analysis Tutorial w/ the Zecco Zirens”
  1. donkeyalane says:

    my stocks are definately a risin’

  2. ketogenesis says:

    @Clipper52a why dont you share with us your great, wonderful way of setting your stochastics so we can put them to the test

  3. Clipper52a says:

    Let’s put it this way … I am absolutely positively know for sure that she is NOT A TRADER. If you buy as the momentum indicators turned up without doing this “…”, you will lose money; if you happen to make money using this momentum technique, it is because of luck, not skill. By the way, stochastic is used primarily to detect cycles, providing you know how to properly set the look back period. Always know the position of the market before doing anything with indicators.

  4. Agremen says:


  5. thane17 says:

    Peter Schiff for Senate 2010!!!

  6. wreelp says:

    I want to learn more from her.

  7. 407buddy says:

    Jim Cramer was cheer leading buy,buy, BearnStern 9 days later stock down close to nothing, Dude!

  8. MikeeeLie says:

    Dude, listen,
    there are a lot of bad people on the street.
    but most investors and pros are just regular people trying to make money. some of em good. some of ‘em bad.
    I’ve been playing the market since august 12th and I’m up 20%.
    I’ve done it, you can do it, other people can do it.
    You just gotta read cramer’s real money , only use an online broker, an except that you might lose money.
    but if you stay in the game and sharpen your skills, odds are you wont …
    that much, I can guarentee.

  9. 407buddy says:

    Wall Street is a fraud.
    The dollar is fiat and done.
    Goldman Sach are thieves, scum and frauds
    Govt economic data: a fraud.
    Comex and The Federal Reserve: frauds
    Bernanke, Geitner, Paulson, Roubini: frauds
    Spin masters: Fox, Cnbc, Jim Cramer: frauds
    Don’t get screwed folks stay away from this scum.
    Stick to owning physical gold and silver bullion
    and let the music stop.

  10. OilTradingAcademy says:

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  11. despe906 says:

    my libido MACD gets definitely bullish

  12. financebabes says:

    check out my sirens at finance babes!

  13. laton0 says:

    She is really sexy, bt her explanation is a scrap.

    go to
    i found this forex system based on price action

  14. Anythingwilldo41 says:

    Lol nice.

    I’m up 30% for November on 3 trades.

  15. oreneus says:

    so hard to concentrate on the material while these perfect tits are staring at me…

  16. QQQQSystemDotCom says:

    Interesting… we personally trade MACD and Bollinger Bands only – 100 minute bars. Been killing the markets lately. Up over 50% in November so far.. 2 systems – both work the Q’s only. 1 Day trade, 1 Swing trade. GL

  17. ninjamuj says:

    What did she again? Something about volume cos I saw a whole lot of volume ;)

  18. stealthpakfa says:

    look at those 2 puppies.

  19. laton0 says:

    i found this nice system

  20. Magnolia2k says:


  21. xxhasudin says:

    all I can say is boobs

  22. Clipper52a says:

    Actually most people fall short on really understand what technical analysis is all about. Most people concentrate on the price element: Moving Averages, Elliott Wave, Gann, RSI, stochastic, MACD, etc. but forgot the other 3 dimensions of technical analysis: volume, cycle, and sentiment. To really understand this field, you need to go back in time, much like music enthusiasts go back in time and dig out their vinyl rig. And let’s not mention trading psychology, this is where most failed !

  23. napper2009 says:

    A trend is a trend is a trend, but the question is will the trend bend,
    Will it reach the top steaming, or reach for the ceiling or just come to a premature end?

  24. emadshah988 says:

    good video but u dont need to show me ur boobs to be intrested thats not why i came to this video in the first place!!!!!!!

  25. vanhalen8200 says:

    Did any men pay attention on what she said??

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