Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

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Swing Trading.?


Where I can get best free vidoe or Ebook for learning Swing Trading.


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  1. Zucary R says:

    whats swing trading!

  2. Courtney says:


  3. trader says:

    If by Swing Trading you are referring to trading stocks using technical analysis, search on technical analysis of the stock markets. There are day and longer term trading techniques – rules to follow. It is a matter of recognizing patterns and buying when the risk is the lowest and selling when your goals are met or when you recognize that the trade has gone the wrong way and it is time to get out to minimize your losses. It is a matter of money management and recognizing when to buy and sell stocks to optimize you gains. If this is done correctly, you can make more than just hanging onto a stock and hoping it goes up in the long term. I personally have owned stocks as short as 1 day and as long as a year or more. I buy and sell when the market and stock conditions indicate it is time to do it. Do you have the right stuff? Some individuals can not sell when they are loosing money. Can you? Use your google search window and search on
    “stock technical analysis cup”
    “stock patterns”
    Good luck to you.
    Having luck is executing with a prepared mind.

  4. Greenback Party Member says:

    none that I know of
    you just have to develop your own techniques
    use your head

  5. Common Sense says:

    I’m a “swing trader”. I generally hold my positions from 1 day (rarely) up to a couple of weeks.

    This is not an “easy” or quickly profitable endeavor. Most good swing traders & day traders are mostly trading based on the charts.

    I usually trade stocks above $20. But on occasion I’ll put a small amount on something less.

    Here are some web sites for you;
    Watch these videos every week;

    Watch these every day;


    (listen to this from 9:15AM – 11:30AM & 1:30PM – 4:00PM EDT)



    Great books to start are;
    Swing Trading For Dummies
    Mastering The trade, John Carter
    Trading In The Zone, Marc Douglas

    A good swing trader reads many, many books. These are just a start!
    (I haven’t read Swing trading for Dummies, but in general their books are very good). The other two books are amoung my favorites…… but there are plenty more.


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