Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

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Swing Trading “Strategy”


Here is an example of the steps i take before i make a swing trade NO EXCEPTIONS.


4 Responses to “Swing Trading “Strategy””
  1. StockTradingMaster says:

    Thoughtful video and analysis… thumb up

  2. physics2112 says:

    Personally, if I’m scalping intra-day I don’t add to winning positions. But swing trades that I hold for a few weeks I do adjust the size of the position early on depending on how the trade goes. I haven’t mastered options yet….

  3. mansson111 says:

    I’d like a Mcbear…

  4. opiston says:

    hey techwealth, thanks for the explanation on trading MCD.
    I like your style of purchasing as well as not adding additional position to winners (I often make this mistake).
    76.71 looks like a solid support. 10MA is right on it as well, and 20MA is coming up to it soon. I will set an alert on that level. Thank you and have a great night

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