Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

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Stock Market Videos: Profiting From Uncertainty, Rules Of The Trade


Many traders thought today would be a big down day on Wall Street. The politicians were saying the world would end if no debt agreement was made. This was all nonsense and ultimately, after opening down 1% on the indexes, the markets are trading flat. The key is to trade and make money off these moves. As the markets have floated back up, Monday light volume has kicked in. All eyes are on the debt ceiling discussions and when something does get passed, a big rally is in store. New 52 week highs will be seen on the S&P 500. Today, technology is showing signs of strength with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) jumping back to the $400.00 level and Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) is trading nicely higher as well. The biggest gainers last week were the financial sector. They are pausing today and Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) looks to be a buy on any pull back. Small cap Motricity (NASDAQ:MOTR) continues to be a short squeeze candidate with an upside target of $10.00. Get swing trade alerts as the pros take positions by joining the Research Center and Intra Day Stock Chat. Be on the cutting edge of proprietary hedge fund techniques. Profit with the pros.


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  1. anujbahl says:

    what’s up with MOTR? that´╗┐ thing’s a dog.

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