Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

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Retire Worry Free: Essays on Risk and Money Management


Product Description
This is book is written as an economic survival guide anyone who might be stressed out about their financial future. The main theme of the book is Risk and Money Management techniques to avoid ruin. The model used in the book is the Modern Portfolio Theory coupled with step-by-step details of the once famous turtle trading (developed by Dennis and Eckhardt) It explains it all. All in detail and special provisions are mentioned to smaller accounts… More >>

Retire Worry Free: Essays on Risk and Money Management


One Response to “Retire Worry Free: Essays on Risk and Money Management”
  1. FatBuddha says:

    The book is an extensive and detailed rundown on the math and nuts and bolts of the modern portfolio theory with sprinkles of turtle trading and other unique investment ideas (such as scalping bond ETF’s etc).

    The author does not offer retirement advice and in fact the author states (in public interviews) that 100-percent, sedentary retirement maybe of no use end up unproductive if the individual is healthy and active in mind and spirit (as well as physically fit to go out and be part of something).

    All in all the book is definitely not a get rich – retire early and sit on the beach, fluff piece that the bookstores are filled with but it can save you what you have.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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