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Profitable Patterns for Stock Trading


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Over the past 20 years the use and misuse of the Fibonacci Summation series has proliferated to the point that commentators on the nation’s TV business channels are now resident experts. I lay no claim to being an expert. I have, however, studied the subject of Fibonacci numbers extensively, especially how it relates to trading. I have always taken the pragmatic position that if I could not use what I was studying to help in trading, then I was not interested… More >>

Profitable Patterns for Stock Trading


2 Responses to “Profitable Patterns for Stock Trading”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Huge pages, skinny book with lots and lots of pictures (charts). Basically the book identifies Gartley and Butterfly patterns with a touch of basic fibonacci rules. Over 2/3 of the book consists of full page charts of examples. My advice if you’re unfamiliar with these patterns is to go to longorshort. c o m and read about it for free. Larry has some examples on his own page. There are numerous typos that will make you scratch your head about the editors. That said, these patterns can be quite reliable if you open your eyes to them and that information alone is worth learning about …
    Rating: 2 / 5

  2. Anonymous says:

    Larry has a good grasp of an excellent concept in patterns that go beyond the old standard wedges, triangles, head and shoulders type formations. The book would be better if the math he used were correct. Many of the examples have math or geometry errors, confusing the reader. Once you are past that and “do your own homework” as he challenges the reader to do, you will see stocks in a whole different light. Some of the patterns he refers to have a mirror image which can appear as well, even though he does not allude to it. The book is a tad pricey, too.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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