Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

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Penny Stock Scams Exposed!


Part II description of penny stock scams and how investors can protect themselves www.mywealth.com


25 Responses to “Penny Stock Scams Exposed!”
  1. ReviewClassicMovies says:

    Very Impressive and knowledgable. Thank you for educating us. But based upon current information (the only type that exists) we should investigate the integrity and validity of the stock. DO your homework. Example: SEFE, SNPK.

  2. IIZODIIAC says:

    so is penny stocking investing a small amount of money in a small company with the hope that its value will grow 1000% or more?

  3. blinkers88 says:

    Technically any stock under 5 bucks is a penny stock

  4. Dean Clark says:

    as long as u get out before the short your fine..ride the pump and dont get to greedy. set ur stop losses with the flow. if you lose a bit on a stock.eat it dont focus on holding and wishing itll come back..ur better off getting into a fresh gain then waiting for a dead stock to rise.

  5. Dean Clark says:

    ICPA is looking great. been on an up trend for a bit. also just signed a deal with ezvip to expand growth together. could be big..currently trading at .02 and has a range up to .29 over the last year

  6. Ivan99560 says:

    @byjdfxj i have doubled my money every week since i started this technique. if you know the few good penny stocks out the your returns can be consistently large, ive been getting killer trade advice from a college math wiz once a week. im not sure how much longer the picks will be public for, get them here -> bit.ly/I8ra0W?=qovhkr

  7. quest33613 says:

    thanks so much

  8. yendor302 says:

    thank you. I know nothing about the stock market. I actualy stumbeled across this vidio looking for info on how to invest in stock on line, based on a tip. I was getting frustrated because the stock I wanted to envest in tripeled in value in two days I could have made a killing, I THOUGHT. now thanks to you I realise that I would have lost my ass, as I got my “hot tip” from one of those tout sights you worn about. now I have seen your vidio I will educate myself a lot better before I invest.

  9. goldincome777 says:

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  10. MrWatson235 says:

    listen to this guy, I was a victim of a pump and dump but I only lost 200dollars before I sold out, some people have lost 1000′s or more..

  11. cocosensations says:

    They’re called Penny Stocks because, they are under a dollar.

  12. ibowman64 says:

    Can you explain this with some do graphs ? For us dummies. Why are they called”penny” stocks?

  13. 2positiverevolution says:

    wow..get a grip google positive revolution inc and contact them if you want your stock to pop

  14. tubub says:

    It’s not that complicated just short the stocks instead of investing in them. That’s what Timothy Sykes does and it works brilliantly.

  15. meucuzinho says:


  16. poppinpennystocks says:

    poppin penny stocks .com we don’t pump and dump or get compensated for posting company stocks like the rest! I need more hits!

  17. LastbornPluto says:

    Sometimes it’s like that. Just keep on chugging.

  18. SuperGuitarman69 says:

    @mywealthcourses I am about to start learning and becoming a day trader.. So I am gathering as much information as I can to start before I put one dime in… If what you are saying is true.. Which of that I have no doubt.. Then it stands that by deductive reasoning, that if you were to go to the sites that are known to pump stocks, you can use that to your advantage.. Knowing what stocks to stay away from is as valuable as knowing which you should buy.. So in that, they are still beneficial.

  19. rlichota1 says:

    Got burnt on it many times. Now I stay away.
    Robert Lichota

  20. mythhealer says:

    Stock Market Scam <—- Search for this in YouTube, and watch my video. I put 14 months of my time in the markets on a daily basis. This is my contribution to those who follow me, and really want to know how to make it work .I’m no longer going to be trading. Just want to leave something for the future generations to consider.

  21. bello770 says:

    America the land of the Scam! Glad to see ethical moral approach to the most corrupt game in the country/World !!!  Big Banksters would stab there mothers in the back for a BUCK!!!

  22. imPRESSivePR says:

    .pk = pink sheets, .ob = over the counter. they represent the basic venues of where the stocks are obtained through purchase and also where they are listed.

  23. DayTradersWin says:

    Ran accross your video – friend and subscribe for wealth building videos – day trader, day trading, day trade

  24. nasser4812163 says:

    Could someone please tell me what do those letters mean in Penny stocks,when a tick ends with .OB, or PK, and like for instance AMFIQ and ANPIQ, does IQ mean any thing?

  25. davidlee110 says:

    then try it with wall street survivor.

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