Monday, September 25th, 2017

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I want to Learn Swing Trading – No risk?


To really learn Swing Trading (which is not the same as merely being informed), you need experience, is what I’m reading.There is an overwhelming amount of investment information available free on the Internet but some of it is valuable and some of it is essentially uninformed opinion. Alot of it is simply incorrect and masquerades as the truth. It can be hard to sort all this out!!! Where can I find no-risk “practice” trading, with real-time data??
….need to mention…but also free to join!


4 Responses to “I want to Learn Swing Trading – No risk?”
  1. Clown says:

    I use optionsxpress.com for practice trading. It is a very good idea to practice and study before dipping into the markets. The data is real time and the trades are as close as it gets to reality.

  2. allan420th says:

    trading with “no-risk”? you must be crazy to believe that…
    i say just folllow a particularly volatile stock (one you see on the news quite a bit or a micro/small cap) then follow the charts and all the technical indicators. You’ll be able to see patterns then.

  3. slavaret2 says:

    Nothing is free.

    I suggest you subscribe to Investors’ Business Daily (http://www.investors.com) and join:


    - it’s a free stock picking site based on the IBD/O’Neill’s method. Learn basic charting and follow the stock picks for a while to get a feel for when to buy and sell.

    The best risk free online swing trading education you can get.

    Good luck.

  4. dinu_pawar says:

    learn charts

    more on my blog

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