Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

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How to Day Trade and find Volatile Stocks?


I’ve been doing fundamental and technical analysis for a long period of time.. I started with long term investments and then did swing trading for a while now and have see greater profits since the switch.. now I’m interested in day trading.. I know how to do it but I’m only missing out on one thing.

How do I find the stocks that have the biggest trading ranges throughout the day?

is there any stock screen I can do to find the most volatile stocks?

I’m going to use this information to put together a strategy that I will test with a practice account and see how things go.


2 Responses to “How to Day Trade and find Volatile Stocks?”
  1. dos_fossil says:

    From my experience, I can give you some very sound advice. DON’T DAY TRADE!

    A free stock screener would be Yahoo Finance and create a personal portfolio. From there you can change you criteria to get the net change and the percent change (which is volatility).

    You might not know this but when you trade high volatile stocks you have the greatest chance of being wrong. Like wrong all the time. And they are very expensive. 3 or 4 bad trades and you are washed out of the market. Go to CBOE and learn spread trades. Options give you options.

    Good Luck,

  2. WhiffRich says:

    I swing trade leveraged ETF’s and do pretty well, that way I’m not picking the right sector, but the wrong stock. I like picking sectors and ETFs that track those sectors, sometimes at 2x leverage.

    A good source that I use is:

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