Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

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How can I find for stocks to swing trade for big 5% – 10%, or even 20% moves, i.e. what software program?


I am a 19 year-old practicing swing trader. I’ve been reading the book swing trading for dummies, and now I want to find a suitable software program to use for my swing trading that:

1.) Is in real-time, i.e. charts & news in real-time.

2.) Shows trading volumes in ALL TIME FRAMES, i.e. the ACTUAL number of people BUYING AND SELLING the underlying shares.

3.) Allows me to QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY find stocks to swing trade for 5%, 10% and 20% up-trend moves.

4.) Like I say, a software pragram that allows me to finds STRONG UP-TRENDS & TRADING RANGES EARLY ON.

5.) Can be used by a UK based investor.

Please help as I’m looking for the best/perfect website/software program to use for my swing trading, Thanks!
What software programs out there have YOU used, and what are the best ones in your opinion?


One Response to “How can I find for stocks to swing trade for big 5% – 10%, or even 20% moves, i.e. what software program?”
  1. Common Sense says:

    Your quest is good. Your assumptions are wrong.

    A good trader that swing trades is happy if 50% of their trades are profitable. There is no such thing as “QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY” find the winning stocks… if there was… everyone would be rich.

    What you need is lot of time and hard work. The average, successful swing & day trader takes about 3-5 years. The most important skill they have is trading money management. Stock selection is not as important as trading money management.

    Start reading some good books!

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