Monday, September 25th, 2017

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Forex Video | Trading Tip | Staying out the market


www.trading-strategies.info A short Foroex video showing when to stay out of the market and wait until trading conditions are more favourable to trade with.


5 Responses to “Forex Video | Trading Tip | Staying out the market”
  1. platinumplusenter says:

    Thanks for explaining a simple but powerful and important concept.

  2. indigo888424 says:

    It’s amazing how the simplest techniques turn out to be the best. Saves so much time!


  3. pnewton69 says:

    Its one of those personal preferences things… I simply prefer to use my main higher time frame on the 240 minute charts… tells me everything i need to know in relation to they way I like to trade :-)

  4. ulrichred says:

    Actually very good! I like it! Look forward to see what kind of education you offer! Thank you!

  5. ulrichred says:

    very good! a question, why don’t you go to the daily chart to look at the daily range?

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