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FOREX Video: Trade NFP Live: Jan 8, 2010


Non farm payrolls "high volitility event driven continuation breakout strategy" employed during a live webinar at fxstreet.com with close to 1000 registered traders. Headline numbers were "less good" and created a bullish opportunity on the EUR/USD, as the EUR/GBP was also bullish after the news. We used price action, resistance and then a fibonacci pull back for possible entry. An S1 low pivot offered a R1 profit target. www.fxbotcamp.com Live FOREX Training EVERYDAY!


10 Responses to “FOREX Video: Trade NFP Live: Jan 8, 2010”
  1. ForexHead says:

    Great run through of an excellent strategy.
    Thank you!

  2. wen59168 says:

    Excellent trading strategies and tactics for a highly volital session! Rock solid technical and fundamental analysis. Great session! Thanks Coach Wayne.

  3. daniel8ish says:

    Thanks Wayne good lesson

  4. 47211 says:

    thanks for the lesson and being so thorough. i love watching these video’s. thanks again. watch ya later.

  5. kjguest30 says:

    Thanks for the recap Wayne

  6. rsparks11 says:

    Good one Wayne, thanks. Nice to see a profitable and easily trades NFP. Well explained.

  7. edmondublianda says:

    Very helpful Wayne..please do a regular free video commentary and latest video lessons. God bless

  8. cliffvitale says:

    I was there , thank you

  9. righthandbarbertv says:

    great video wayne

  10. gman7k says:

    great lesson Wayne.. it’s been a while that u made a vid. Wasn’t able to attend today but I’ll see you guys at Bootcamp….later

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