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Forex Video | Set ups 17 Nov ’08 | Analysis


www.trading-strategies.info Looking for trading set ups and planning ahead for the forex trading week. See daily updates on my website


4 Responses to “Forex Video | Set ups 17 Nov ’08 | Analysis”
  1. shellyuday says:

    PHIL NEWTON – that is the most awesome and all your range videos are the best ever explanation that has gotten into my head about range trading and range explanation how that works n what could be done :) awesome job mate certainly shows your experience though had to watch it few times coz u speak pretty fast :) is it possible i can get a text copy of how you trade so that i can read it thoroughly :) thanks a lot for posting these videos :) good job

  2. pnewton69 says:

    Hi there, I use only TA all the information I need is on the charts

  3. revtrader says:

    excellent vid. Phil do you use any fundementals to help give you a clue as to the overall direction to the market? such as the COT report?
    kind regards

  4. trapatu says:

    good job, pnewton!

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