Friday, September 22nd, 2017

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FOREX Training Course – lesson 3 : (Money Management)


This is a video overview of Money Management, risk, stop losses and cognitive bias. It covers a range of tasks you should consider before becoming a full time trader.


23 Responses to “FOREX Training Course – lesson 3 : (Money Management)”
  1. trendingsoftware says:


    Great video and knowledge.

    The best on YouTube IMHO


  2. iefke says:

    u are an excellent man , at least one man who stands out against the rest

    plz go on yves

  3. gulzaarfx says:

    Great video! Although I like to keep my stops at 50-odd pips, and my biggest stop would be around 200 for a position/long term swing trade. I hope we can collaborate in the future!

  4. jeteshbhula says:

    Excellent videos
    Thanks very much

  5. adobe222 says:

    Great lesson. Thanks

  6. wowdegree says:

    Please make a tv show!

  7. MrGripperz says:

    Great Vids, keep up the good work, very simple to follow and lots of useful info

  8. sionsmith says:

    Money management is so important when forex trading. I hear it all the time, people who have taken months to build up there account & lose it in 1 or 2 days! Dont let it happen to you!!!

  9. vishowntar says:


  10. dchap66 says:

    just found your videos…………excellent!

  11. jeberly898 says:

    Excellent video. Thanks for sharing it!

  12. saint1618 says:

    Very good lesson.
    I have learned a lot through this video
    thank you so much

  13. sl0wik78 says:

    Good stuff!
    All shoud watch it before they’ve started. :-)
    Also, I’m pretty sure that nobody would understand it without having few bigger losses, especially at the begining.
    What’s going to be next?

  14. fxlan says:

    tnx for the video

  15. me2995 says:

    That is 5, 13, 1.

  16. me2995 says:

    Thanks for this video Sion.

    Could you perhaps make a video of how you set up all the fib levels and pivot points and at what time frame you do that? You’ve a lot of them on your charts I see. Thanks :)

  17. davdkh90 says:

    Great video! :) – thank you very much! – enjoying following your videos and posts on ff :)

  18. 1stavros1 says:

    great review sion just wondering on lesson 2 what was your settings for the Macd colored v102

  19. sionsmith says:

    Thanks, its something which not many traders are aware of but in my mind is just as important as learning the markets.

    There are so many signal companies out there, which just tell you when to buy / sell without explaining why or their views on money management. The next video is going to be all about stop losses I think, and where to put them :)

  20. target941187 says:

    Thanx, sensible things I need to be thinking of.

  21. pwon99 says:

    Great video. We have all been waiting fro this one to come out.

  22. swingdjpj says:

    I have learned a lot from all of your videos and this is a great addition to the collection!

  23. bulldogge1232000 says:

    Good review of MM basics.
    I wish I had seen it years ago.
    But some of us had to learn the
    hard way.


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