Monday, September 25th, 2017

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Forex Trading for Living: Strategy & Analyses


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Forex Trading For Living: Strategy & Analysis . The ultimate guide for professional traders. This is the complete and total e-book of FOREX SECRETS that includes the following paragraphs. There is nothing like this available on the market! This book will teach you, step-by- step, how to enter the difficult and risky money market without loosing a fortune. TABLE OF CONTENT: Basic Principles; Market Evaluation ; Technical Analyses; Trading Strategies; H… More >>

Forex Trading for Living: Strategy & Analyses


One Response to “Forex Trading for Living: Strategy & Analyses”
  1. It deserves a zero, but that isn’t a rating option. The claim: “This book will guide you to the top point of professional trading.” The reality is that the first part is poorly written and edited–and its just a short summary of the nuts and bolts of forex, with a plug for the author’s website training program (I thought I was going to be guided the the “top point” of professional trading, but it looks like I’m just being guided to give more money to the author). The second part of this item was copy-written in 2002. It is essentially just another encyclopedia of technical indicators and an outline of US currency/economic history. All this information is already available for free on several Internet sites which are better written, and more informative than this book.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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