Monday, September 25th, 2017

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FOREX on FOX Business TV – FX Bootcamp’s Wayne McDonell


Quick overview of FX Bootcamp and forex trading on the Fox Business Television Network

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21 Responses to “FOREX on FOX Business TV – FX Bootcamp’s Wayne McDonell”
  1. suprattkk says:

    if you use a stop loss you will never make money and only institutions make money using forex, you actually think the broker cares about your order? brokers go against your order so you have as many failing trades as possible

  2. CosmoHunter24 says:

    Congrats! Nice video

  3. cadelevans says:

    Good call on the long AUD!
    You look really young Wayne!

  4. xtra1234 says:

    For real man. I know you got this figured out. If they can’t take the risk oh well. If you have a strategy and a principle that you always go buy there is no risk and I think your the bomb. Good work and i will keep up with your videos.

  5. fxbootcamp says:

    Tony, this interview took place 9 months ago. The market has changed since then. If you look at the advice that I gave, it said “Sell Dollar, Sell Treasuries, Buy Stocks, Buy USD.” I also thought JPY would fall, but I was wrong on that point… the rest was dead on correct.

  6. tony3647 says:

    How is the US dollar strong?? Best place to put your money is the US dollar? Wayne did they pay you to say that? You should know the US dollar has gone down to all the major pairs eur/usd usd/cad and major down move against usd/jpy it’s almost at all time low!

  7. urbaandiultra says:

    This newscaster was totally rude to Mr. McDonell. I thought the purpose of being on a show was to be able to speak uninterrupted. It seems as though he was trying to ridicule your trading style. Just my opinion.

  8. wholesalejunkiez says:


  9. taraff1 says:

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  10. thetruth786110 says:

    what will happen to the forex when there is a one world currency?

  11. fxbootcamp says:

    Honestly, I was shocked that they did a B roll of our website. That was cool. But I did feel that they were setting me up to crush FOREX based on the tone of the questions. However, I thought I held my ground well. Its not easy under the conditions of a remote interview and live TV. Three cheers for FOREX!

  12. thetruth786110 says:

    is this a info commercial?

  13. forexivybot says:

    Great video. We use many of the same strategies.

  14. NaceLunk says:

    Yeah I don’t watch news on TV. But it seems like he didn’t find the stuff you were talking about too interesting. Honestly, I can understand that because his job is to make the program as interesting to viewers as possible and I am sure not many average American viewers found that interesting or even comprehensible. But if everyone would really take time to learn about forex trading, no one would look for a job… because it is easy to make living by trading if you know what you are doing.

  15. ayotollah says:

    That’s fox news is all about keris80. You haven’t see their worst rudeness..just keep watch fox news then you know who they are.

  16. omesorg says:

    Thats partially true, as you said that too…
    However – and I quote: “… and that US dollar has been strong for 8 or 9 months” something which isn’t quite true. All though the trend has been an increase in power resulting in quite good return of investment. Nice videos. Cheers!

  17. fxbootcamp says:

    Actually, I said the USD has been the best place to put your money over the last 9 months.

  18. keris80 says:

    That man is no respect to you Wayne. I am very disappointing about that man attitude…Anyway Wayne you are great

  19. Geofffascia says:

    “that’s sometimes true…”

    Nicely done, Wayne – much respect to you

  20. Dukes1964 says:

    How dare he keep talking over you!. But whats with the tie Wayne. Had to turn the brightness down on the screen!!!! cheers Dukes1

  21. GoldenFireReviews says:

    Wayne said the dollar is strong for eight or nine months. Hmmm

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