Friday, September 22nd, 2017

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Forex Live Trading Introduction


This is an introductory video to the following six forex live trading lessons. Watch this first and then follow on through 1-6


4 Responses to “Forex Live Trading Introduction”
  1. adollar4u says:

    The best thing in life is FREE – Thank you for posting. So what is the catch?

  2. JasonUK79 says:

    Did you not have anything better to do at Christmas? lol. Great videos btw.

  3. damce981 says:

    THX for information , is better when is free, It seams like you don’t need our money ;))

  4. web4free says:

    is forex trading taxable in uk law? what if I’m using US broker such as forex club would it be like offshore investment what is the tax implication of that? my residency status is Indefinite leave to remain in the UK. Just been here as a resident for 7 yrs.

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