Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

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Elliott Wave Forex Trading: It’s Not The News That Matters


Watch more free Elliott wave videos here: www.elliottwave.com The standard explanation mainstream financial analysts and some forex trading “experts” use when talking about a market move is, “The market did that because of such-and-such news report.” But if you’ve been forex trading long enough, you know that all too often, the market’s reaction to the news is the opposite of what it’s “supposed” to be. Watch Elliott Wave International’s Senior Forex Trading Strategist, Jim Martens, as he explains that it’s not the news that matters when you’re trading forex — it’s the market’s reaction to the news that does — in this 10-minute forex trading video using the US Dollar Index, Euro / Dollar and Dollar / Pound (cable) charts as examples. Watch more free Elliott wave videos here: www.elliottwave.com


25 Responses to “Elliott Wave Forex Trading: It’s Not The News That Matters”
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  2. chome4 says:

    Your website is selling stuff! If oil trading were as profitable as you say, you wouldn’t be trying to offload courses!

    Nice try, however.

  3. rbonilla18 says:

    elliott is too subjective. The market is way too dynamic to be predicted like that. The only thing useful from elliot are all type of corrections.

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  6. Entropy137 says:

    That’s how you go broke.

  7. Taffinera says:

    Open your mind and look again

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  9. TheDjbang says:

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  10. laton0 says:

    it does not work is very subjective not realistic. tell who is millionaire using elliots?

  11. romish12 says:

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  12. asbte says:

    just put a trade on if its green hold it. if its red sell it. lol.

  13. MarqueeMagic says:

    what program do you use to record images with audio and show your mouse navigating

  14. PCNERD2005 says:

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  15. wwwForexsigcom says:

    The elliot wave will always work in theory, but its important to find another method in real time trading.

  16. tlabel7 says:

    The Elliott Wave is easy to understand in concept. However, in real-time trading you have to be extremely careful. You think you identify a wave count and the market will do the exact opposite. It works, but proceed with caution.

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  18. TYX91101 says:

    First leg down of the new bear market began in early 2000. The past six years were a B wave (countertrend). We have now entered wave C down at a very large degree of trend. C waves typically demonstrate incredible power.
    So the forecast is “down with incredible power”. For several years.

  19. dansnali says:

    looks to me like your just over complicating your trading…

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  25. Udripotamburi says:

    But in which Time-frame?

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