Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

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DayTraderRockStar Top 5 Stock Trading Indicators


I get a lot of questions on the indicators i use when i day trade, here is a little educational video describing some of them and how i use them.


25 Responses to “DayTraderRockStar Top 5 Stock Trading Indicators”
  1. VeteransAgainstKonop says:

    30=second charts

  2. 407buddy says:

    Don’t rack your brains out boys, unless you are a scalper 1hr and 15min charts, it’s all BS.

  3. napper2009 says:


    When you refer to ‘being at one with the market’ or ‘Zen-like feelings’, what you allude to is supporting price acceptance in relation to summation, harmonisation, synchronisation and proportionality.

    These factors are what put the trader in sync with his/her market at any given time, and can be described as the pulse or beat of the chart.

    I recommend you investigate these phenomena to better understand yourself.

    Kind Regards.

  4. Tekkenen says:

    Can anyone tell me how to find or where to go to find stocks that are about to spinoff?

  5. howtobuystocksonline says:

    Interesting, stock trading always amazes me.

  6. darthstarwarsgeek says:

    That said, I do like DTR vids, keep up the good work…

  7. darthstarwarsgeek says:

    LOL, can’t get past the whole sto”T”astics thing, he keeps repeating it. It’s like Super Nanny saying unaseptable instead of unacceptable.

  8. LiptonGuy says:

    Your observation is correct.

  9. Stutube613 says:


  10. DONNYBOYY28 says:

    if his pronunciation is enough for you to lose focus your not gunna last very long in the market

  11. larious1 says:

    i do appreciates your help in teaching and aducating us
    good video

  12. burncandle says:

    U Spastich.

  13. matszz says:

    agreed, havent heard this guy before and he didnt start off by giving me a good impression.

  14. rooooooso1 says:

    This is a great video it is very interesting why don’t you place it on more investing websites such as Investor Corner and get more people viewing your videos.

  15. whozinyu says:

    S..T..O..C..H..A..S..T..I..C..S.. stochastics..not stoTAstics. Please try really hard to pronounce this word. I really like your videos, and I hate to be an english cop but, it is hard to focus on your videos with this wrong pronunciation.

  16. whozinyu says:

    You Rock!

  17. stewart752 says:

    You have a nice series of videos–thanks! Just one point, try to say “10 o’clock Eastern Time” instead of just 10 o’clock. From your accent, you sound like a NY or Jersey guy, but I can’t be sure. I’m in Japan and LA sometimes, so your time is not my time

  18. VitruvianMan1452 says:

    Did he say “stotastic” ?!?!?


    jeeeeeesus harold christ on a rubber crutch. potato, pota’to


    DTRS changed the game, you didn’t know,, we all say “stotastic” now.. get with the prgm. lol

  21. McConsumer says:

    I noticed it too, but only because I catch details like that, but notice that he spelled it right, so I wouldn’t use that to judge his credibility.

  22. Peexter says:

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  23. elwalvador says:

    Kingmin, by getting caught up on how he pronounces a word, you are potentially missing the good advice he is teaching.

    Will you choose to learn (which will help you), or whine and complain (which won’t help you).

    RockStar, another great, 5 star video, please keep them comming.

  24. buddybestor says:

    How much capital did you start off with to get into day trading. Also, not to be nosy but, what kind of income do you average monthly?

  25. kingminotaur says:

    Hey Buddy, It’s called STO-CHAS-TIC….that is a KAA pronouncement NOT a TA as you say.
    STO -KAA- STIC …and you are a chartist..? All these years as a trader and you still have NOT learned proper English….what a joke..how can someone take your analysis as credible….hahahaah Mr sto-tas-tic

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