Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

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Day trading / swing trading?


I’ve just gotten into buying stocks. I used the majority of my money to buy stocks that I plan to hold on to for some time. I would like to use a very small amount of money, maybe 200.00-300.00, and try day trading. I have a very limited knowledge of the stock market, so is there a way to make a profit day/swing trading?


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  1. msc says:

    It would be very difficult with that amount of money, because commissions would eat most of your profits. I would recommend sticking with longer term positions while you gain experience.

  2. Common Sense says:

    The answer from Joe K looks like a scam.

    With such a small amount of money… it would be hard to day trade and make a profit (with commisions). Swing trading would be a little better… but not much.

    There are “pattern day trading” rules you need to know. If your account is less than $25,000 in total equity… you need to get the rules from your broker.

    Day or swing trading can take a long time to learn (if at all). Your best bet… right now… is to take a year or more & read several books on the topic.

    After reading several books of basic introductions to trading… buy these books;
    Mastering The Trade, John Carter
    Trading In The Zone, Mark Douglas

    If you really get into this…. try to read a new book on trading at least every other month. Good luck!

    For a “feel” of Technical Analysis… watch the video at the end of every trading day;

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