Monday, September 25th, 2017

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Day Trading Stocks Rockstar intro on Basics


1st in a series of videos outlining the basics of Day Trading, Showing how an average joe can open an account with 5-20k and make $500-$1000 a day trading the market. Will show you how i do it, and answer any questions you have. Each day.


26 Responses to “Day Trading Stocks Rockstar intro on Basics”
  1. stevenabb says:

    I have such a fun time with all these YOUTUBE experts all over the place. They buy a webcam, spout off all kinds of ‘expert advice’ and then based upon their qualifications of buying a webcam they want you to send them money for more expert advise! Sure, your some dude that uploaded a youtube video, let me send you a check in the mail. Can I send you $50,000 in the mail? Your so good!!! what a tard

  2. poppinpennystocks says:

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  3. trmsreaL says:

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  4. Reefer2000 says:

    Hey mang, how does 1 day trade with 2000$, that is like new PC savings. Day trading is so risky and so time consuming, its not worth the work u put in, and the risk is not worth the effort you will have put in.

  5. arielchiu86 says:

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  6. jreese6969 says:

    @pdxeddie1111 you said “make” ?

  7. jreese6969 says:

    @benzbubblecat Johnny (DTRS) is a genius. but your right you cant just expect to make money in the markets. Its alot of work

  8. werqta says:

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  9. 3zvideos says:

    @pdxeddie1111 @DayTraderRockStar @benzbubblecat WHY do DAY TRADERS LOSE MONEY ??? Why can’t they get satisfied by doing a trade like for ex:- Buy some abc share for 500 sell it for 536 and earn the difference and be satisfied…guys come on……doing a 1-2 trades a month using the money we have instead of borrowing then doing stupid stuff …. Doing an average of 1-2 trades a month and enjoying life without going to work…is goood????!!!!

  10. toyotaporn says:

    1. wake up
    2.do i line of blow
    3.put on red hat
    4.make youtube video about day trading

    thank you for your help. 1000 internets to you sir!

  11. meltingEyeballs says:

    @avaresearch Please stay in the markets, I love your money.

  12. sergiu9110 says:

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  13. gkcnae says:

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  15. wiseimmorto says:

    Sipderman hat. For. The. Win. This guy is my twin.

  16. andrewbevan says:

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  17. Itradebetfair says:

    Great vid.

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  18. kjparlay says:

    @pdxeddie1111 How to make a million at your job.

    1. Work for 200 years.

  19. mba2ceo says:

    Its been 4 years … HOW much had U profited ?

  20. mba2ceo says:

    @benzbubblecat … The markets are irrational – NO Formula exists.

  21. traderbrad420 says:

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  22. southbeachasset says:

    two ways to think of this video
    1. a magician never tells how to do his tricks
    2 more suckers at the table the better

  23. msalexsoldier says:

    i have make 2500 $ with thr market in one month

  24. AbornAblaze says:

    those rich guys just dont want ppl to know that stocks and investing is the way to get rich. im poor and i know stocks work meng thats why im watching this

  25. tersinahrrd says:

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  26. Mika says:

    Below is the first page of my small unique book “The small stock trader”:

    Successful stock trading requires almost the same traits as most other creative and competitive endeavors. Stock trading is not about having a high IQ, an MBA, numerical or software skills, macroeconomics knowledge, or some magic technical indicators. It is more about managing your stock trading plan, mind, and capital with an efficient use of your little time, money, and abilities/skills. Even 300 Spartans cannot beat you if you have the following:

    • Passion
    • Understanding of psychology
    • Focus
    • Hard work
    • Unique stock trading plan
    • Independent thinking
    • Zen-like simplicity
    • Open-minded flexibility
    • Patience and timing
    • Discipline
    • Risk management
    • A little luck

    If you look carefully at these items, you will also notice that a successful small stock trader is more of a personality and practice than just some technical knowledge. However, even if you have all of the above traits, humility is also important. Do not allow your ego get overconfident, as anything can happen in the stock market. As in poker, in relationships, or in life, you may follow all the rules and do all the right things but still lose some battles. Nevertheless, you can still win the war if you have the above-mentioned traits. Furthermore, there are also a few more items that we could add to the above list, such as having a super self-knowledge and selfesteem, knowing and respecting the other players, secrecy, knowing what you want and never giving up as you strive to achieve it, focus on a single activity/market without multitasking, creativity, an analytical mind to calculate the risks and probabilities, taking a few parts of the best strategies, learning from your mistakes and from a few best players, honesty, good observational skills and intuition to act quickly, confident courage to take well-calculated risks, Zen-like inner peace and continuous self-improvement, being a unique individual, and eventually efficiently using your little time, money and abilities/skills.

    I hope the above page of my small book was a little helpful!
    Mika (author of “The small stock trader”)

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