Friday, September 22nd, 2017

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98. How to Place a Market Order in the Forex Market


www.informedtrades.com A lesson on how to place a market order in the forex market. For active traders and Investors in the forex market.


4 Responses to “98. How to Place a Market Order in the Forex Market”
  1. TheDjbang says:

    True. That’s why it’s good strategy to know the calender dates of high impact announcements and then trade after the announcement when a true direction is showing. The momentum after announcement is very strong in one direction.

  2. pjblabla says:

    significant news announcements e.g. gdp reports where the actual numbers is vastly different to the actual numbers can cause huge fluctuations in the market within seconds

  3. bammidele says:

    that’s because your internet connection is slow , if you have a broadband the connection should be straight .

  4. uchechuku356 says:

    as was watching it, it was playing and cutting.what do l to make it play fully?

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